3DCUBE is the best 3D cube puzzle available. It features high resolution graphics with very smooth, three-dimensional animation. It operates exactly like the real cube puzzle, which is sold in many toy stores. This program also displays a 2D layout across the top of the screen so that all sides can be viewed at once. Start by having the computer mix up the cube. Each face of the cube may be rotated to change the position of the colors. It is up to the user to move the colors back to their original positions, so that each face of the cube contains only one color. It is actually easier than it appears! The entire cube may be rotated about the x,y, or z axis. To rotate counterclockwise (as viewed from the top/left) press x,y, or z on the keyboard. Or, with a mouse, click with the cursor on the appropriate button displayed above the cube. To rotate clockwise use Capital X,Y, or Z or click with the right mouse button. To rotate a cube face counterclockwise, press the number printed below the 2D display of that particular face. (Note: the center color never changes. Therefore, "1" always turns the face with the blue center, etc.) If using a mouse, click with the cursor directly on the 2D display of the face you wish to turn. To turn clockwise, use shift with the number on the keyboard or use the right button of the mouse. All rotation is done in relation to the cube, not the monitor. Therefore, if the back side of the cube is rotated clockwise it will appear to rotate counterclockwise. Good Luck!

Category: Puzzle
License: Shareware
Language: English
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Game controls

xyz - Rotate counterclockwise
XYZ - Rotate clockwise


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