3D CyberPuck distributed by Ticsoft Software. Best described as a hockey derivative, this game is based on an incredibly fast 3D engine, which allows for natural looking grafics - effects. In this man vs. machine battle multiple features help the player maintain control over the magnetic ball and keep the opponent in check. Among these are portable walls, gravity wells, boosters, landmines etc. The registered version features network mode and many more useful tools.

Category: Ball & Paddle
License: Shareware
Language: English
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Game controls

NumPad 4 - Left
NumPad 6 - Right
NumPad 8 - Forward
NumPad 2 - Backward
NumPad 1 - Slow left turn
NumPad 3 - Slow right turn
NumPad 7 - Slow left turn
NumPad 9 - Slow right turn
1 - Drop landmine
2 - Drop wall
3 - Drop gravity well
4 - Use speed booster
Q - Retro-Booster
W - Drone
E - Dematerializer
R - Super-Nuke
M - Toggle music on/off
S - Toggle sound on/off


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