3D Lemmings

Psygnosis / Clockwork Games, 1995

The 3D version of the classic game Lemmings. Do what you need to bring them home... or not.

Category: Puzzle
License: Playable Demo
Language: English

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Game controls

Enter - toggle fast forward
A - rotate world left
S - rotate world right
{ - enlarge 3D window
} - shrink 3D window
P - toggle pause mode
Esc - abort level and try again
I - toggle Virtual Lemming mode
H - toggle Hilight Lemming / Cycle through Lemmings in Virtual Lemming mode
C - cycle through cameras 1 to 4
T - mouse pointer up
F - mouse pointer left
G - mouse pointer right
V - mouse pointer down
Space - LEFT mouse click
Q - activate armageddon
F1 - activate 180 blocker (if available)
F2 - activate 90 blocker (if available)
F3 - activate bomber (if available)
F4 - activate builder(if available)
F5 - activate basher (if available)
F6 - activate miner (if available)
F7 - activate digger (if available)
F8 - activate climber (if available)
F9 - activate floater (if available)
F11 - quit back to the title screen. Requires confirmation
F12 - bring up the Configuration Requester
1 - Switch to camera 1
2 - Switch to camera 2
3 - Switch to camera 3
4 - Switch to camera 4
NumPad 7 - move camera forward and left
NumPad 8 - move camera forward
NumPad 9 - move camera forward and right
NumPad 4 - rotate camera to the left
NumPad 6 - rotate camera to the right
NumPad 1 - side step camera to the left
NumPad 2 - move camera backward
NumPad 3 - side step camera to the right
NumPad - - move vertically UP
NumPad + - move vertically DOWN
NumPad Enter - toggle fast forward

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