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Abmis the Lion

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You guide King Abmis the Lion in his quest to recover stolen potatoes. They were abducted, treated horribly by being thrown into a potato bag and taken to a remote island. Luckily they escaped but are now scattered all over the place and you have to find every single one of them before you can return (and not a moment sooner). The island is, of course, filled with dangers and puzzles and dangerous puzzles. You can pick up and carry up to three objects at a time. You will have to figure out how to use the objects yourself (for tips you should watch the demo). Here follows a list of what can be done with objects but it is, of course, not nearly complete: increase stamina, unlock a door, swap for another object, combine with background to form a new object, use as a weapon, etc. Remember that the idea is to rescue all the potatoes on the screen so dont worry if you cannot kill all the meanies or collect all the goodies. Keep an eye on your stamina, oxygen and ammunition levels.

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