Ack-Ack Attack

PLBM Games, 2002

The object of the game is to destroy as many helicopters and paratroopers as possible. If a paratrooper lands on the ground he may still be hit by flying debris, another paratrooper free-falling on top of him or by your gravity-bound shells. There are three levels of play: Easy, Hard, and Insane. You may select the level of play before the game starts.

Category: Action
License: Shareware
Language: English
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Game controls

- Rotate gun left
- Rotate gun right
Ctrl - Increase the rate of gun turret rotation (sweep more quickly)
Space - Fire regular shots
S - Fire "steerable" shots
H - Spray normal shots (Hose 'Em Down)
G - Fire gravity-bound shells
P - Pause
J - Toggle joystick on/off
CtrlJ - Calibrate joystick
F1 - Review help
F2 - Display high score chart
F5 - Toggle sound on/off
F10 - Quit game, go to menu (Game Over)


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