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Airlift Rescue

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You are the pilot of a rescue helicopter. Your mission is to fly to a mideastern terrorist compound and rescue 64 hostages that are being held in four seperate buildings (16 in each building) and fly them back to the American embassy. The terrorists have a seemingly endless supply of tanks, jet fighters and chopper-seeking drones to hender your success. Your helicopter will hold only 16 hostages, so a minimum of 4 missions must be flown to rescue all of the hostages. The door of the first building has already been blown open and the hostages will be outside waiting for you. You must blast open the remaining buildings (or get the tanks and jets to do it) to free the remaining hostages. The buildings must be opened in order (right to left). Whenever you land, the hostages will come running and enter the helicopter. Once you have a full load onboard (16), fly them back to the embassy and land on the light green landing pad to the left of the building. The hostages will exit the helicopter and enter the embassy.

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