Back to the Moon

Home Made Software, 1996

After ten years of giving up piloting rescue ships, the Global Council of Space Mines sends a desperate appeal for you to report on duty for a particular dangerous Mission. Scattered throughout the natural satellites of our solar system there are dozens of automized mining posts, most of them controlled by computers and operated by a staff of only three engineers. Without any explanation, several of these posts have been out of control and the computers have been unable to accept the commands by the operators. Your mission is to rescue the trapped teams from these posts, and if possible, detect the cause of such abnormalities. Despite the fact that you have been designated for this mission because you are the only pilot still alive that is qualified for this type of resue. Nothing indicates that this will be an easy task. To pilot the rescue module is not up to anyone!

Category: Action
License: Freeware
Language: English

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