Altair-217 is an experiment in peace. Five warring planets have decided to work out their differences by sending diplomats and colonists to coexist at this space station. The Taurien Coalition, however, has other plans. This criminal group with members from the five races has vowed to keep the peace initiative from succeeding. They have planted iradium explosive devices in the colonists' cargo bays throughout the station. If detonated, the races will blame each other, and all hopes for peace will vanish. You play Lt. Marston, Head of Security for Altair-217. You have just received a communique. HQ Sector Command has directed you to clear the station of all iradium devices before they can be detonated. To fail would mean the destruction of the station, and the end of the peace.

Category: Puzzle
License: Shareware
Language: English

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