The object of CHAMP Ms. Pacman is to clear as many mazes as you can while accumulating the highest score possible. You must avoid the ghosts while eating the dots. In the four corners of each maze are power pills. When eaten, the ghosts turn blue for a short while. During this time, Ms. Pacman can eat the ghosts for more points. Sometimes, bonus fruit will enter the maze. Ms. Pacman can eat this fruit for points before the fruit leaves the maze. See the screen on Scoring and Credits for a full description of the scoring and bonuses. CHAMP Ms. Pacman is based on the Bally/Midway classic arcade game. This PC version was developed and programmed by CHAMProgramming. It is in no way intended to be presented as an original work, but merely as the IBM version of the coin-op game. Almost 6 months of work was put into this version to reproduce not only the look but the feel of the arcade game. We hope you enjoy the results.

Category: Classic
License: Shareware
Language: English

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