The shareware version of CHARLIE II contains six levels, of which two are hidden (indicated by the question marks). The objective of each level is to collect coins and diamonds and then find an exit. Some levels have a secret exit which leads to a hidden level. To exit the last level of each row, you must defeat a large enemy.

From the OPTIONS menu, you can select the difficulty: EASY, NORMAL or HARD. To complete a level, you must collect at least the following percentage of coins and diamonds, which varies per difficulty.

EASY 55%
HARD 75%

Because the amount of items is different in each level, just keep collecting them until you see the message "Find the exit!". If you leave a level without the required percentage of coins and diamonds, you will have to retry it.

The hearts at the top left indicate Charlie's health. The number of hearts at the beginning depends on the selected difficulty. A super heart is hidden somewhere in most of the levels.

Just like in the original CHARLIE THE DUCK game, Charlie can beat most of his enemies by jumping on top of them, but some can only be defeated using a shield. Items are hidden in the yellow crates.

In each level, you can find the letters to spell the name "CHARLIE". If you find them all, Charlie receives an extra life.

Each level has a check point. After touching it, you can start there if Charlie loses a life. However, if you exit the game and start again, you will always have to start at the beginning of the level.

Category: Platform
License: Playable Demo
Language: Dutch English

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