Years ago there was a game called 'Jumpman' running from a floppy boot disk for the IBM PC with 8088 at 4.77 MHz. Unfortunately this game was implemented in a way that makes it unplayable even with an 80286 at 6 MHz. The actual game 'Classic Jumpman' is mostly equivalent with the optic, sound, and course of the play of the original. However, it runs on any PC using DOS. If there is a Soundblaster compatible sound card installed, it will be detected and used for sounds and music.

Category: Classic
License: Freeware
Language: English

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Game controls

- Left
- Right
- Up
- Down
Space - Jump
1 ... 8 - Set the game speed, press key before the start of each level while the current player is displayed. 1 is fast, 4 is default and 8 is slow.

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Peter Marengo

April 13, 2018

Back in the 1980's Jumpman was the best video game ever. I used to stay up all night playing it with a friend for hours and hours on my old Commodore 64 computer. It was like losing an old friend when computers got more advanced and I could no longer use my Jumpman cartridge! I tried the various iterations of Jumpman for PC that have come along, but none have seemed to work on today's faster computers, expecially not 64 bit PC's. So I was so happy to find this site after all those years where I can play the original jumpan online! The only difference I can see is that I do not find a way to select the speed of the game (I used to play on 2). But this is awesome, thank you!!!

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