Familiar with Warhammer 40k or Space Hulk/Crusade/Marine? More or less the same thing 8-) You (and optionally a buddy) assume the roles of [insert favourite martial profession here] and are sent on missions. All missions consist of collecting objects/wasting baddies/blowing up enemy installations and then head home. Bad guys have learnt how to negotiate obstacles in their paths. They are not particulary bright about it but make up for it with persistence. It can be quite spooky when the bad guy you know you saw behind that wall has disappeared - only to reappear from behind sometime later! Missions consist of walking around nuking enemy machines (CM/2:s?) into oblivion. A target requires a direct hit from a grenade to be destroyed. Don't waste your grenades!! Bad guys can be disposed of by any weapon. Powerguns and grenades can kill anything with one shot.

Category: Action
License: Freeware
Language: English

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