After the tremendous response to Commander Keen, Apogee's follow-up game had to be really spectacular. And Duke Nukum is just that--a superb showstopper with over one Meg of animation and graphics, four times more than Commander Keen had!

This is an arcade/adventure game that compares to the Sega Genesis home systems. (It's far superior to games typically seen on the Nintendo home system.)

Duke Nukem also has four-way, dual scrolling playfields, and does it better than any other IBM game. Features: Large animated characters, reflections, arcade sound effects, built-in hint mode, joystick support, cinematic sequences, self-running demo mode, save/restore, high scores, etc.

Rarely is a game released with such a well animated main character. Duke Nukem does realistic somersaults and uses his grappling hooks to hand-walk along ceilings. Duke is a hero everyone will like.

Duke Nukem is rendered in vivid EGA graphics, with many special screen effects. As usual, Apogee offers two more episodes if players want to continue their adventures with Duke.

This is truly a game that will demonstrate the graphical abilities of your computer if you have EGA or VGA. Get ready for a fun time as you rescue the world from the latest madman, Dr. Proton.

Category: Adventure
License: Shareware
Language: English

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