Your goal is to patrol the planets in both a jeep and a helicopter. You will encounter enemy units that you must destroy, and obstacles that you need to either avoid or destroy.

The jeep has more “hit points” than the helicopter and can therefore sustain more damage before blowing up.

If you are playing two player simultaneously, the helicopter can help the jeep clear obstacles ahead on the ground, and the jeep can help the helicopter clear enemy units out of the skies.

Category: Action
License: Shareware
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Language: English

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Game controls

- Left
- Right
- Up
- Down
CTRL - Shoot
P - Pause the game
CTRLJ - Calibrate joystick
F1 - Review help
F2 - Display high score chart
F5 - Toggle sound on/off
F10 - Quit game, go to menu
ESC - Quit game, go to DOS

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