Justin Smith, 1996

Just like every other thursday you are cruising home from origami lessons in your Superflameout/turboX1-OBLiTERATOR space cruisemobile. You turn onto 39th space-avenue and suddenly you reel. Before your very eyes, your entire neighborhood turns into a black void with a big brown meteor right where your house used to be. Off in the distance you see a strange looking green space ship making a horrendous farting noise heading towards you. Sensing something out of the ordinary, you glance at your Which-Universe-Am-I-In-Meter and to your horror it reads: Not The Right One! As the green ship gets closer you realize that it's too ugly to be from your universe and if it's not from your universe, it must be obliterated! One shot from your Lepton-Cannon blows the hideous thing to smithereens. As bits of green debris fly past your windshield, you hear a voice in your head say: "You did well young warrior,that's worth 50 points." You smile and think to yourself: If I'm gonna get home, the only sensible way would be to obliterate everything I see.

Category: Shoot 'em up
License: Freeware
Language: English

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