System Shock is a Playable Demo First Person game published by Origin in 1994.

Category: First Person
License: Playable Demo
Language: English
Readme files:

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Game controls

S - Walk Forward
ShiftS - Run Forward
A - Turn Left
ShiftA - Fast Turn Left
D - Turn Right
ShiftD - Fast Turn Right
Z - Sidestep Left
C - Sidestep Right
X - Move Backwards
Q - Lean Left
E - Lean Right
W - Negate Leaning
Space or J - Jump
T - Stand Up
G - Crouch
B - Lie Prone
R - Look Up
F - Center View
V - Look Down
1...5 - Use Left Side Icons
6...0 - Use Right Side Icons
F1...F5 - Select Left MFD
F6...F10 - Select Right MFD
Tab - Change Current Weapon
Enter - Fire Weapon
Backspace - Clear Displays (Fullscreen Mode)
Page Up or Page Down - Change Inventory Page
AltV - Toggle Fullscreen/Mixed screen mode
CtrlA - Fullscreen Automap
CtrlH - Change HUD colors
AltH - Toggle on-line help
AltO - Screen help overlay
CtrlS - Save Game
CtrlL - Load Game
P - Pause
Esc - Options Panel
AltX - Quit
? - Keyboard help screens

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