Welcome to the fantastic world of Theme Park! Being our extra special first visitor you are entitled to a sneak preview of the new park. But this isn't any old park- no, it's all yours...

When your Great Aunt passed away she left you a sum of money on one condition: That you keep her kindness and generosity alive by building the World's greatest theme park- a place where people can be happy, interested, safe and entertained. With this in mind you've hired a plot of land from the government and must now set about building your theme park.

From the initial lump sum you will have to design the layout and theme of your wonderland, purchase rides, hire staff and open snack shops while staying on top of your resources and making sure that everything is priced correctly- or you'll go bust and spoil everything, including Aunt's last wish.

In this, the Demonstration Version, you will be able to work from an existing layout and add new features as time passes.

Category: Simulation
License: Playable Demo
Language: English

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