X-Men: Children of the Atom is a Playable Demo Action game published by Acclaim Entertainment in 1997.

Category: Action
License: Playable Demo
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Language: English

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Game controls

Player 1:
F1 - Start
A - Left
D - Right
W - Up
S - Down
T, Y, U - Punch
G, H, J - Kick

Player 2:
F2 - Start
- Left
- Right
- Up
- Down
Ins, Home, PgUp - Punch
Del, End, PgDown - Kick

Esc - Exit to DOS when in attract mode
Esc - Exit current game when playing
F10 - Enter configuration menu (only in attract mode)
Space - Pause game (only works when a player is active)
F5 - Decrease sound effects volume
F6 - Increase sound effects volume
F7 - Decrease music volume
F8 - Increase music volume

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