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README file for ABDUCTOR … By PLBM Games

File Updated:  January 17, 2004

Registration information located at the bottom of this file.

You can register at: http://www.plbm.com

System Requirements:
This program requires an IBM PC or compatible with at least VGA.
In general, faster systems will run the program more efficiently.

Sound Blaster Notes:
This program contains routines to play digital sound on a Sound
Blaster or compatible card. However, this program does NOT
contain autodetection routines. This program relies upon the
BLASTER= variable being set appropriately in your environment.
If the BLASTER= variable is set incorrectly, the program may
crash. If the BLASTER= variable is absent the program will
NOT attempt to use Sound Blaster sound.

Additionally you will need to have free EMS memory to hear
all digital sounds (they're too big to fit in conventional
memory). The sounds deemed "most important" to game play
will be loaded into conventional memory on a first-come, first-
served basis. To hear ALL sounds you will need enough EMS
free to fit the file DFDSFX.DBO. Check free EMS with the
MEM command under DOS.

Key Controls:
Up/Down cursor (or A/Z keys) - Move Up/Down
Left/Right cursor (or K/L keys) - Move Left/Right
Space - Fire laser
Enter - Smart Bomb (hits all aliens visible on screen!)
Tab - Hyperspace (reposition to a random location)

Additional Keys:
[P] - Pause game
[J] - Toggle Joystick control on/off
[Ctrl-J] - Calibrate Joystick (follow calibration instructions)
[F1] - Review this file (HELP)
[F2] - Display high score chart
[F5] - Toggle sound on/off
[F10] - Quit game, go to menu
[ESC] - Quit game, go to DOS

Joystick Notes:
To use the joystick you must activate it (see above for key).
If your joystick does not respond favorably then use the
joystick calibration routines to adjust it.

Gravis Gamepad users may especially need to use the joystick
calibration feature in order to achieve desired operation.

Scoring Table:
Action Points
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
Human safely deposited on planet (by you) 1000
Human safely lands after freefall (low-altitude drop) 500
Human grabbed out of the air (by you) 500

For Killing Aliens:

Alien Type Points
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
Green Lander 150
Purple Lander (CRAZED!) 150
Blue Minelayer 250
Yellow "Podule" 1000
Red Buzzer 150
Green Pacer Disc 200

For every human still alive at the end of an attack wave, you
receive 100 points x the points multiplier.

General Game Play Notes:

Do not shoot your own humans on the planet! Shoot aliens and
rescue the humans as they fall from the dead aliens.

Other than that, kill everything in sight, as quickly as possible,
and advance to higher and higher waves.

You will receive a new planet (and a new population of humans
to defend) after every four (4) alien attack waves. At this point
the points multiplier also advances.

Bonus ship are initially awarded for every 10,000 points scored.
Later in the game the spacing of ships gets a little wider:

   10,000 -    20,000 -    30,000 -    40,000 -    50,000
70,000 - 90,000 - 110,000 - 140,000 - 170,000
210,000 - 260,000 - 320,000 - 390,000 - 470,000
570,000 - 690,000 - 830,000 - 1,000,000 - 1,210,000
1,460,000 - 1,760,000 ... etc. How far can you go???


This program was written by Kurt W. Dekker and is distributed
by PLBM Games. You may contact Kurt via email at kwd@plbm.com

Thanks to Alen Lapidis for the opening (greeting) screen artwork.

Abductor is Copyright (c) 2004 PLBM Games and Kurt W. Dekker.

Internet Support:

Contact support@plbm.com for support via email. You may also check
the following site for upgrades:


Ordering Information:
To order the full version of this game, send $9.95 registration fee
plus your email address to:

PLBM Games                                   <sales@plbm.com>
PO Box 10342 <http://www.plbm.com>
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

You may also visit our website and order online with a credit card.

Include your name, address, phone number and email to ensure rapid

All orders are fulfilled VIA EMAIL ONLY - NO DISKETTE WILL BE SENT!

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