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A VGA Only Game By Carey Nash


ACK! Man is a simple chomp-em-up type game like the old arcade
favorite Pac-Man. The goal of ACK! Man is to chomp as much as
you can, and get the highest score. There are approximately
14 different screens which your ACK! Man can clear. Challenge
yourself and see if you can become the ultimate ACK! MAN/WOMAN.

Game Play:
Playing ACK! Man is simple. The numeric-keypad/arrow keys control
all of the Ack! Man's movement. In order to move the ACK! Man, merely
depress the appropriate arrow key. The game can be paused temporarily
by depressing the [Insert] key. Once [Insert] is hit, game play can
be resumed by hitting any key. The [Escape] key will immediately exit
to DOS. Be careful! It's rather annoying to have the high score, and
have a friend hit the [Escape] key...


The goal of ACK! Man is to eat all of the dots on the screen, while
avoiding the ACK! Ghosts. The ACK! Ghosts will wander randomly about
the maze, however they will follow you if they see you! While the
ghosts are multi-colored , they will kill
the ACK! Man if they come in contact with him. So, be sure to
keep some room between you and them!

On each screen, several larger "Power Pellets" are present. If the
ACK! Man eats a "Power Pellet," he can then eat the ghosts without
being hurt. ACK! Ghosts can only be eaten while they have a dark
BLUE color. If the ACK! Man attempts to eat a ghost while it is
multi-colored, he will die! After a "Power Pellet" has been eaten,
the ghosts will remain BLUE for a variable amount of time. During
this time, the ACK! Man is able to go ghost munching!

Occasionally, an object will appear in the middle of the screen.
These objects, such as a disk, or a cola can, can be munched by the
ACK! Man for extra points.

Well, that's about all there is to playing ACK! Man. Good luck,
and try to avoid those pesky ACK! Ghosts!

Name Description

ACK! Man A round yellow ball with a very large
ACK! Ghosts Four ghost-like creatures that chase the ACK!
Man around the maze
Dots Small dots which comprise most of the screen
Power Pellets Larger flashing dots which can be eaten
in order to allow the ACK! Man to eat the
ACK! Ghosts
Ice Cream Cone Bonus items that the ACK! Man should eat for
lots o' points

System Requirements:
ACK! Man requires a standard VGA card with 256K memory. ACK! Man also
requires a color monitor which can support up to 640x480 resolution.
I recommend that you play this game on AT-class machines running at
least 10mhz or faster. I've found it to be DOG slow on other machines.
A keyboard is also required - of course, but how could you be reading
this without one? That's it!

� Thanks For Obtaining ACK!�MAN �
� �
� If you found this program fun, interesting, or a good waste of time, �
� and you'd like to see more of the same, a contribution would be greatly �
� appreciated! Remember, good programs like this don't grow on trees, �
� they take many hours of arduous work! Anyway, please enjoy this game! �
� �
� For those of you who are honest, �
� saint-like people, here's my �
� address: �
� �
� Mr. Carey Nachenberg �
� 19533 Citronia St. �
� Northridge, CA 91324 �
� �
� Again, your contribution of $5 or $10 dollars would be greatly �
� appreciated! �
� Sincerely, �
� Carey �

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