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Airlift Rescue * Instructions & Troubleshooting Info * Version 1.0

Airlift Rescue Requires:

  • A 386DX-40 or faster IBM-compatible PC

  • VGA graphics

Also supports:

  • Sound Blaster and compatible sound cards

  • Joystick Optional

To start Airlift Rescue:

  1. Switch to the drive where the game is installed (C:)

  2. Switch to the subdirectory where the game is installed (CD \AIRLIFT)

  3. Type AIRLIFT to begin.

note: If you do not have a SoundBlaster or compatible sound card,
type AIRLIFT /NOSOUND to begin.

Game Play
Airlift Rescue is a remake of CHOPLIFTER which was very popular in the
eary 1980’s on the ATARI and APPLE-II platforms. I was an avid fan
of CHOPLIFTER and since I haven’t been able to find a good DOS version of
the game I decided to create one myself.

You are the pilot of a rescue helicopter. Your mission is to fly to
a mideastern terrorist compound and rescue 64 hostages that are being
held in four seperate buildings (16 in each building) and fly them back to
the American embassy. The terrorists have a seemingly endless supply of
tanks, jet fighters and chopper-seeking drones to hender your success. Your
helicopter will hold only 16 hostages, so a minimum of 4 missions must be
flown to rescue all of the hostages. The door of the first building has
already been blown open and the hostages will be outside waiting for you.
You must blast open the remaining buildings (or get the tanks and jets
to do it) to free the remaining hostages. The buildings must be opened in
order (right to left). Whenever you land, the hostages will come running
and enter the helicopter. Once you have a full load onboard (16), fly them
back to the embassy and land on the light green landing pad to the left of
the building. The hostages will exit the helicopter and enter the embassy.

You may use the keyboard or a joystick to control the helicopter.
If you’re using the keyboard, the arrow keys control the direction the
helicopter moves (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT). The CTRL key changes the direction
the helicopter is facing (FRONT, LEFT, RIGHT). The space bar fires the
helicopter’s gun. If you’re using the joystick, push the stick forward to go
down, pull back to go up, push left to go left, and push right to go right.
Button #1 fires the gun. Button #2 changes direction chopper is facing.

The ESC key brings up the options menu.

You get a special treat if you rescue all 64 hostages!!

Common problems and solutions


DON’T DO IT! Only run Airlift Rescue through DOS.


Problem: When I run Airlift Rescue, the game refuses to start and gives
me the message “You need (amount) of free memory to run this program”.

Solution: You need to free up more main (conventional) memory before
starting Airlift Rescue. Here are some solution tips:

  1. If you are trying to run Airlift Rescue from Windows, completely exit
    Windows and try running it from DOS.

  2. If you are trying to run Airlift Rescue from “DOSSHELL” or any other
    menu program, please exit from the menu program. Then, run Airlift Rescue
    from the DOS prompt. Menu programs often occupy enough memory that
    there won’t be enough left for Airlift Rescue.

If neither #1 or #2 solves the problem, do the following:

  1. From the DOS prompt, type “MEM” and press Enter.

  2. You’ll see a lot of information about your computer’s memory. Look at
    the number after the words “Largest Executable Program Size”. This is
    how much memory you currently have available.

Now you need to free up more main memory. Here are some tips:

  1. If you’re using DOS 6.0 or later, reboot your computer by pressing
    RESET or Ctrl-Alt-Del. Wait for the message “Starting MS-DOS…” to come
    up. Now press the [F5] key.

    This will cause DOS 6.0 to bypass all of your TSR’s, memory managers,
    and other programs which normally occupy main memory.

    Now change into the Airlift Rescue directory and begin the game.

  2. If you have a version of DOS earlier than 6.0: You need to create a
    “boot disk” to allow you to start your computer without loading all
    the TSR’s and memory managers that take away main memory. Here’s how.

    A. Put a blank disk in your A: drive and format it as a DOS disk.
    To do this, type the following command:

    FORMAT A: /S

    B. Wait while your computer formats the disk.
    C. Label the disk “Boot Disk” and keep it handy. You’ll need this
    disk whenever you want to start Airlift Rescue.

    Now, you can reboot your computer and play Airlift Rescue:

    A. Put the boot disk in your A: drive.
    B. Restart your computer, either by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE, by
    hitting your reset button, or by turning it on.
    C. Wait while your computer boots from the boot disk.
    D. After a little while, your computer will stop and give you the A>
    E. Now change to your hard disk by typing “C:”.
    F. Go into the Airlift Rescue directory by typing “CD \AIRLIFT”.
    G. Begin by typing “AIRLIFT”.

    Note to owners of “Stacker”, “Superstor”, and other hard disk compression
    programs: If your C: drive is compressed and you need a boot disk to
    start Airlift Rescue, you must install Airlift Rescue on a different,
    non-compressed drive. See your manual for instructions on doing this.
    (This only applies to users of DOS version 5.0 or earlier).


Problem: When I run Airlift Rescue, the computer locks up or reboots.

Solution: Airlift Rescue only supports SoundBlaster and compatible
sound cards. If you have a card that is not compatible with SoundBlaster,
contact me for a replacement driver set.


If you need further assistance, please contact me via e-mail.

Mail: 72637,17
Messages: GO GAMDEV

Mail: 72637,

Mail: DavidF9922

or write:

David Fleming
PO Box 8991
Roanoke, VA 24014

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