42 games by HVB Software added!

Posted on February 20, 2022

A couple of years ago I found some Dutch DOS games made by HVB Software on my dad’s old floppies. As I remember playing this games when I was young, I always wanted to add them to this website, but only with permission from the author. My search for the author began a couple of years ago, I did an extensive search at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and other people helped searching at the dosgames forum. This week I finally had contact with the author and got his permission to share his games!

So today 42 games have been added. Some were about to get lost in time since they’re nowhere available for download, but now they’re safely preserved at this website. Enjoy it and if you’re not from the Netherlands but want me to add some games in your native language, let me know via the Game Suggestion form.

Visit the publisher page to find all 42 games by HVB Software.